Marilyn Hazelton, a teaching artist with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, facilitated three workshops (two for adults and one for children) to help evoke the wonder and beauty of our relationship with food. Participants wrote short poems to share with the public and possibly serve as inspiration for academic research topics and/or themes for students studying the visual arts. Poetry Workshop Final


wanting: Marilyn Hazelton
i love knowing: Marilyn Hazelton
Food Does Not Come From a Supermarket: Tracey Johnson
Mobster: Tracey Johnson
Blueberries: Holly O’Connor
Blueberry Pie: Holly O’Connor
Flavor: Anonymous
Gently: Susan Weaver
Grapevine: Braydon Williams
Homemade Soup: Kendra Talbert
My Grandmother’s Gift: Mason Fetherman
Listening to Carrots: Phyllis Freeman
Tomatoes are So Much More than Tasty Flavinoids: Breena Holland
Spicy but Sweet: Elsa Rodriguez
Aging: Jennie Gilrain